affine mapping

affine mapping
афинное отображение

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  • Affine geometry of curves — In the mathematical field of differential geometry, the affine geometry of curves is the study of curves in an affine space, and specifically the properties of such curves which are invariant under the special affine group In the classical… …   Wikipedia

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  • Residue class-wise affine group — In mathematics, residue class wise affine groups are certain permutation groups acting on mathbb{Z} (the integers),whose elements are bijective residue class wise affine mappings.A mapping f: mathbb{Z} ightarrow mathbb{Z} is called residue class… …   Wikipedia

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  • Differential cryptanalysis — is a general form of cryptanalysis applicable primarily to block ciphers, but also to stream ciphers and cryptographic hash functions. In the broadest sense, it is the study of how differences in an input can affect the resultant difference at… …   Wikipedia

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